Are you experiencing an unpleasant smell in your kitchen area? Is the water prevented from flowing down the plug hole?

If this is the case then you are most certainly have a blocked drain.
Drain blockages manifest themselves in a number of ways; such as, water running slowly down the plug hole or water rising up through the plughole. This mainly occurs because of an obstruction of the drain by an object which could be general waste, fat or scale build up.

You can never be too sure about what is going on in your drains and that is why specialised people are needed to resolve such problems.

Skilled drainage engineers at TND Lymington are trained to deal with any sort of blockage.

  • a single internal drain blockage – such as blocked sinks, baths or toilets
  • an external drain blockage or in other words: a manhole blockage

Our engineers are also able to provide drain repairs services, jetting machine services for manhole blockages and CCTV Camera Inspections; all in accordance with your requirements.