Why Power Flush?

A broken down boiler or noisy radiators that need regular bleeding, usually indicate that your central heating system need a good clean.

Before the winter sets in, it is very important to make sure your heating system is in full working order so that it serves you well over the colder months.

Your heating system must be serviced by a qualified professional. Plumbing and heating engineers are inundated with work in the winter season so plan well in advance to avoid having to wait for repairs or new installations.

You should not wait for your Annual Boiler Service. If you notice any problems with your heating system then get in touch with your Heating Engineer immediately. Quite often the system will simply need cleaning and if so, your engineer will probably suggest a Power Flush.

What is Power Flushing?

Power Flushing is a powerful technique for cleaning central heating systems. It can improve the performance of your heating system by flushing out sludge and scale, optimisingthe heat output of radiators and promoting energy efficiency.

Power Flushing can solve heating problems and prevent boiler and pump failure. It can even provide lower fuel bills due to an increase in boiler efficiency. This is because the action of power flushing improves the circulation through the pipe work so that the radiators and boiler do not have to work so hard.

Power Flushing for new Heating systems

If you are having a new heating system installed then you should be aware that most boiler manufacturers will not guarantee any boiler if the system is not chemically cleaned. The British Standards and Benchmark demand thorough cleaning of the heating system and Power Flushing is the favoured method.